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As a result of working with many hundreds of people, offering Christian Counselling since 1986 Reach has developed a range of seminars covering vital areas of Christian living and care. All seminars can be held over one or two evenings if requested. They include workbooks, exercises and group work Ė some involve video and personal testimony. There is a charge for each seminar. For details please contact the office.

Becoming a Safe People
An inspired series of three seminars to equip God's people
to work with those who have been sexually abused.

Further information about this seminar

Sexuality Unwrapped
This seminar is designed to give greater understanding of our God given sexuality and to help further equip us as we seek to care for others. Includes:- what is sexuality, gender, feminine and masculine, expression of human sexuality, considering a Christian response to: homosexuality and lesbianism, masturbation, gender confusion.

The Freedom of Forgiveness
The hardest thing for a Christian is to know and share the forgiveness he so readily preaches to others. This seminar includes how to move from hurt to healing, helping those who are stuck, consequences of unforgiveness and the process of forgiveness.

Suffering and Sovereignty
How do we reconcile a hurting world and a loving God? A real thought provoker.

Understanding Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
How well equipped are you and your church to offer help to the many men and women who have been abused? This much needed seminar covers: consequences of abuse,
the abusive environment and steps to healing.

Pastoral Care
An introduction to the issues involved in caring for one another as God wants us to
in the church setting and beyond.

Stress Management
Thrive, donít just survive. Understanding and managing stress
from a Christian perspective.

God Cares for the Whole of You
God created us body, soul and spirit. How aware are we of how these different
areas are meant to function, what can go wrong and how can they be healed?

Listening Workshop
"Everyone must be quick to listen, but slow to speak"  (James 1:19).
This seminar gives the opportunity to develop listening skills and
realise the huge impact true listening has.

Introduction to Christian Counselling
A taster of the issues involved in Christian Counselling including the benefits,
qualities of a counsellor and differences between secular and Christian models.

If you wish to host a seminar or require any further details please contact:

Reach Christian Counselling and Training,
85a Allerton Road, Liverpool, L18 2DA
Tel:  0151 737 2121     e-mail: reach@reachuk.co.uk

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