Donation Guidelines

(Please make any cheques payable to Reach Merseyside)

It has always been our aim to offer professional quality counselling for anyone in need on a
donation-only basis. To allow this distinctive service to continue, and so we can move towards paying our few employed staff at a reasonable rate, we would like you to consider our fair donation principle.

We don't want anyone prevented from receiving help for financial reasons. However we do ask clients to consider donating on a 'fair principle' basis which is 1 per 1,000 of annual income. For example:

For those earning 10,000 per annum 10 per session
For those earning 15,000 per annum 15 per session
For those earning 20,000 per annum 20 per session
For those earning 35,000 per annum 35 per session

If you are fortunate enough to earn over 40,000 please use your discretion in deciding what to give.


Generally we would encourage students, those on benefits, or those only receiving state pension to donate 5 per session. This helps us to see a wide range of clients based on need rather than ability to pay.

Please note that the average cost of seeing a counsellor
outside of Reach is about 40 a session.

We consider this as part of the respectful relationship that will enable you to make the best
progress in your counselling. In our experience donating at an appropriate level has a positive therapeutic connection, in that those who do so are very likely to make good progress, as they
are putting a reasonable value on their counselling and respecting themselves, their counsellor
and Reach in doing this.

J     Thank you for your consideration in this.     J

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