Dealing with Stress


1. Assess your weekly timetable:

Remember we all need time with friends, time with family and especially time with God.
if you cant fit everything in, you are doing too much!

2. Learn to say No

And mean it! Draw your own boundaries and be prepared to protect them.

3. Focus on one task at a time

Stop what you are doing while you answer the phone, if its not convenient to talk, say so and suggest a time more convenient to you.
Don't work and eat at the same time. Take time to enjoy your food and relax.

4. Dont bottle up your emotions

Find safe ways to express them Popping the bubbles from bubble plastic can help. Physical outlets, keep a journal, talk to your mirror, tell God all about it.

5. Learn some simple relaxation and breathing techniques

Try this for a start: Take a deep breath; lift your shoulders, push them back, drop them; then breathe out in a long sigh.

6. Exercise regularly

Take a brisk walk, swim, take up dancing ~ anything fun to do.

7. Always take a lunch break

Even if it's only for half an hour stop work for that time, relax. if you work in a shop, factory or office try to get out for some fresh air.

8. Don't think about work

Until its time to start. read, do a crossword, listen to music / radio.

9. Rest before bedtime

Stop any type of work at least an hour before bedtime. Resist the last cup of tea / coffee give your brain a chance to slow down. Have a milky drink if you need one.

10. Bedtime Routine

Develop a definite, relaxing bedtime routine. Check your diary for the following day. Have a warm, milky drink. Soak in a warm (not hot) bath. Listen to relaxing music. Read a little.

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