10 Keys to a Happy Marriage


1. Make Your Spouse Number One

Make it clear that you are each other's number one. Do all you can to maintain your husband / wife as your number one human relationship. Avoid any other relationship having greater priority, affection, time or attention.

2. Appreciate Each Other

Express your appreciation of your spouse regularly. Do not take each other for granted. Express thanks Ė even for routine things like cooking and cleaning. Continue to plan surprises.

3. Spend Time Together

Make Quality time for each other, rather than just working for a better home or car. Avoid working long hours regularly. Ensure you make time for things you enjoy doing as a couple.

4. Talk And Listen

Spend time talking and listening to each other. Be interested. Express sympathy when necessary. Give support and comfort. Sympathy and good attentive listening will usually be appreciated by your spouse much more than suggestions. Itís important to laugh together too.

5. Agree on How to Use Your Income

Agree a budget together, with a margin for unexpected costs. Try to avoid using credit cards unless you can pay off the full amount monthly. Avoid the trap of debt. Itís better to wait.

6. Show Affection

Learn how to show and receive affection without it having to lead to sex. Just a touch, holding hands,  a light kiss, a quick hug, a few words spoken:  ĒI love youĒ.

7. Meet Each Otherís Physical Needs

Talk about your sex life and aim to meet each otherís needs. God says that our body belongs to our spouse. That will mean compromises. Each learn what the other enjoys.

8. Trust Each Other

Trust is a priceless commodity, but it is difficult to restore when broken. So always try to be as honest as possible and faithful with each other.

9. Deal with Difficulties Quickly

Become skilled at resolving conflict. Focus on one issue at a time. Listen to and understand the other's point of view − then share yours. Deal with situations quickly; donít sulk and donít withdraw. Remember: Love keeps no record of wrongs. 'Don't let the sun go down on your anger'.

10. Try to Build a Foundation of Agreement

Aim to discuss and agree your approach to discipline and relationships with others. Find 'our' way of doing it. Seek to re-negotiate adult to adult relationships with parents and parents−in−law. Discipline children with consistency and rewards. Discipline should be calm, fair and firm. Try to avoid disciplining children when you are angry.


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