Dealing with Depression


1. Don't try to fight it:

Work with it – ask friends to pray for you – depression is an illness, not a sin.

2. Poor concentration:

Do what you can do. Don't try to read a book. Browse magazines or newspapers instead.

3. Poor appetite:

Try to eat little and often ~ light, easily digested, healthy foods.

 4. Poor sleep:

Rest whenever you can. if you are sleeping excessively, aim to normalise gradually – an hour less every few days.

 5. Exercise:

Try to get a little fresh air and exercise each day – a walk round the block or to the nearest shop – even a stroll round your own garden / yard.

 6. Set a goal:

Aim to complete one task each day. Gradually increase this as you begin to feel more able. (A task may be washing, shaving or dressing at first).

 7. Seeing others:

Don’t feel obliged to answer the telephone or door. But warn family and friends so they know what is going on!

 8. Be kind to yourself:

What do you enjoy? What helps you relax? Listen to favourite music, soak in a warm bath, watch a favourite film, suck a lollipop!

 9. Occupy your time:

Find something simple to do to occupy your time – colouring in, painting, gardening, knitting, jigsaws, cooking, model-making, cleaning, reading, easy DIY.

 10. Thoughts and feelings:

Accept and deal with any thoughts / feelings which come up – keep a journal where you can work through for yourself to begin with. Later you may need to pray them through and / or talk to someone else; i.e. a counsellor.

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